At-Home Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth!

Disclosure:  I was gifted my Smile Brilliant kit, but the opinions in this review are entirely my own.

An at-home teeth whitening system that is easy to use and effective? Smile Brilliant lives up to its name!

At the age of 50, I still have zero cavities, which I take great pride in, but I’m not immune to teeth staining. As a coffee and red wine lover, there is no way of getting around the yellowing of my teeth.

So it was a no-brainer when I was asked to try out Smile Brilliant‘s teeth whitening system. I had been thinking of whitening my teeth for some time, but I hadn’t taken the step yet.

Smile Brilliant‘s product is not only effective, but it’s super individualized for each person.

Step One: Make a Mold of Your Teeth

I’m not going to lie – at first, I was a bit intimidated when I received the first box. There were tubes, trays, and little pots of paste labeled catalyst and base. It reminded me of a chemistry kit, and I barely survived high school chemistry.

Fortunately, the instructions were super easy and clear, and I had no issues making molds of my teeth. It’s important to take your time and to follow the directions to a T. Make sure you are not in a rush to ensure your molds are done perfectly.

Step Two: Mail The Molds

As soon as I created the molds, I mailed them off in a provided pre-stamped envelope. It took less than a week to receive my individualized teeth trays! I was surprised by how fast I got them!

Step Three: Receive Trays and Begin Whitening

Once I received the trays, I was able to begin the whitening process. I layered a thin strip of whitening gel to the inside of each tray and placed them on my teeth like a retainer. What I like about this process is that I can be doing anything while I’m whitening – working out, reading, watching TV, etc.

I whitened for 45-minutes at a time, and since I have very sensitive teeth, I used the desensitizing gel afterwards for about 20-minutes. I applied it just as I did the whitening gel and found that I had no pain or gum sensitivity afterwards.

After a couple of weeks of regularly whitening, I found my teeth to be noticeably whiter! I’m super happy with the results and highly recommend Smile Brilliant‘s Teeth Whitening System for its ease.

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