Red Carpet Premiere of The Star

Sony Pictures' new animated movie The Star premiered at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles this past Sunday, and I was fortunately given the opportunity to attend. Thank you, Sarah! Instead of the typical red carpet, there was a white carpet lined with Christmas trees to make it look like a beautiful winter wonderland.… Continue reading Red Carpet Premiere of The Star


The Wisdom of Sundays

I was so excited about Oprah’s new book, The Wisdom of Sundays, I pre-ordered it months in advance. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint! It is a beautifully bound compilation of bite-sized spiritual insights from thought leaders around the globe. Oprah takes what she calls “AHA” moments from Super Soul conversations over… Continue reading The Wisdom of Sundays

Stress & Autoimmune Diseases

Since I can remember, I was always an anxious child. I bit my nails, had a “nervous” stomach, and always conducted an internal play-by-play of every encounter I had throughout the day to make sure I didn’t make anyone mad at me. I vividly remember having digestive problems at a very early age and even… Continue reading Stress & Autoimmune Diseases

Blogging About Blogging

As a blogging newbie, I've been educating myself on the "business" aspect of blogging. I keep hearing things like "find your niche" or "narrow your focus." For some reason, this has been stressing me out! As a teacher, former dancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, hypothyroid, gluten-intolerant, mom of 3, I want to write about a… Continue reading Blogging About Blogging

Gluten is in What?

I'm telling you, this gluten-free journey has been quite the eye-opener! Once I stopped eating gluten, I thought my hives and gastrointestinal problems would be over for good. Boy, was I wrong! Gluten is not only in breads, pasta, and crackers. It can also be found in gravy, dressings, and sauces. I slowly figured that… Continue reading Gluten is in What?

I Can’t Eat Gluten?

About a year ago, I started developing random outbreaks of giant, itchy hives on my legs, neck, or arms. I never knew when an outbreak would hit, and it would literally just come out of the blue. At first, I attributed it to an allergic reaction to material I wore or soap I used. The welts… Continue reading I Can’t Eat Gluten?