DDWilde, South Florida Dance Diva Releases her First Single in a Decade

This piece is written by guest writer, Debbie Orta, who also happens to be my sister.

Recently I sat down with my dear friend, Ms. DD Wilde, at her apartment in South Florida to discuss her newest release, “The Workout Song.” We took some pictures and, as always, had some laughs. DD is a mother of two grown children and a lifelong professional singer who toured Europe performing her own music over a decade ago. She is getting back to writing songs and recording with her talented brothers. DD’s new song and video are geared for your exercise routine. Find them linked below.

You’re a creative type, but are you a person that likes routine?

I love having a routine. As far as my morning goes, I know that I’m going to wake up at 5:00 a.m., read 30 minutes of the Bible, take a quick shower, grab a snack, and then head out the door to powerwalk five miles. While I’m walking, I always listen to “The Workout Song” and practice new music I am recording to make sure I have my lyrics down pat. After that, I come back home, take another shower, and then I’m off to the gym. I rely on my morning routine to pep me up for the day. If I don’t do my exercises, which rarely happens, my mojo is thrown off the entire day.

What routines are for daily life and what are for keeping in shape?

Bible reading, prayer and speaking to my mom, my significant other, and my siblings in the morning, I would say are my daily life routines. I get encouragement from them for keeping in shape. Every one of them is obsessed with working out, eating well, and looking as young as they feel. We’re a close-knit family and my family members are the only people I know that get up as early as I do.

Where do you perform? 

I perform anywhere that has a check for me after that performance, (laughs). Seriously, though, I perform with my eight-piece band or smaller group at several corporate events on a regular basis, country clubs, weddings and events of that nature.

I have performed for celebrities, cruise ship christenings, and at places like Mar-A-Lago. I do commercial jingles and background vocals in recording sessions for various people. I’m doing a fifty-minute show most evenings as part of the Jungle Queen riverboat experience, which is a South Florida tourist attraction and is a lot of fun, aside from the fact that it leaves me a lot of free time.

It’s great to do gigs close to home, especially while I’m in the studio working on my own projects. My goal is to get back to performing major concerts in large venues as a top selling recording artist.

I had a popular hit in Europe in the 90’s, called “I Found You,” at the same time that my brother, Eugene Wilde, had a hit with “Gotta Get You Home With Me Tonight,” which led to performances together in South America, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Tokyo and some other great places.

I find that American music gets more attention overseas before it makes its way back here. I’m getting quite a buzz from the European market, in Ibiza and the south of France. “The Workout Song” is very popular on the club scene and on the dance floor. My goal is to have it on everyone’s playlist, especially the fitness lovers.

When did you first realize you could sing?

I realized I could sing around nine years old. I’ve always excelled at things I put my heart into. At 15, I realized that I could make a living doing something so passionate to my heart. I’ve been singing professionally since then, going to school in the morning and singing at night. I joined my brothers in forming a band, and we performed at some of the top-notch venues throughout the states and abroad.

My musical family is the pride of my life, and I’m so blessed to have been making music with them all these years. We are just getting started because we have so much more music to share.

How would you describe your music? What inspired you to write “The Workout Song?”

My music is a mix of hip-hop, pop, dance and R&B, a little bit of music for everyone. Due to the local scene, I have a versatile style, so that I can accommodate all genres of music including smooth jazz, so I don’t want to label myself as one kind of artist.

My brother Eugene and I were side by side on the treadmill one day, and we both kind of said, “wouldn’t it be cool to write a song that embraces working out, eating right, and having a great time while doing it?” Then we wrote it with our drummer Jay Drake, bassist Dujuan and my son, B-Z. There has never been a song that totally caters to the fitness world, so as they say, the rest is history.

“The Workout Song” has a perfect beat for whatever reps or steps you do in the gym. Sing along in your aerobics class, and the words are like a mantra to reinforce getting yourself in shape.

You have several Associates college degrees.

Yes, I’ve been in the music industry for years, and even though I graduated from high school at sixteen, my mother and father always encouraged me and my siblings to follow our dreams and use our intelligence.

I got certified as a fitness instructor many years ago, so as you can see, my life has come full circle with “The Workout Song.”

Going to college was a personal goal to use my brain for something other than music. At the encouragement of my baby sister Marsha, who is a nurse, I decided to get a degree in Criminal Justice.

Who helped you produce “The Workout Song” and the video?

It’s a collaboration of my brother Eugene and Jay Drake who initially produced the track; then we teamed up with Luca Debonaire for the remix. The video was produced by Eugene, myself, and Joel Brown of Jamdung Media, the original concept coming from Eugene, who is a brilliant writer, arranger and producer.

What do your grown children think of their mom pursuing music?

My kids have the musical gene, so they’re all in. They think their mom seriously has it going on and are very proud of my willingness to never stop pursuing my dreams. Also, my son B-Z is an up and coming rapper who does the rap on one of the mixes for the “The Workout Song.” He and my daughter, Chandler, make a cameo appearance in the video.

What would you like to say to finish our chat?

My final thought is, don’t let anyone deter you from achieving your goals, if that is your passion, don’t take negativity from anyone. As long as there is a breath in your body, you can reach for the stars, and the people who try to discourage you from continuing your journey probably don’t have any dreams for themselves – or stopped believing in their abilities to be successful.

DDWilde can be reached at: deedeewilde1@50ishmusicgroup.com

Download “The Workout Song” here:




Enjoy the video here! 



2 thoughts on “DDWilde, South Florida Dance Diva Releases her First Single in a Decade

  1. I’m so happy for DD Wilde. She’s Harding working beeeeeeautiful spirit. And, I love her New single “Work Out Song”. Congratulations DD Wilde. ♡

  2. Hi DD! Congratulations on your new workout song! It’s Great! You look outstanding! I hope you achieve all your dreams! Love Stacy Olmino

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