Dr. Brandt Skincare Review

Two weeks ago, Influenster sent me a complimentary voxbox of goodies from Dr. Brandt’s Skincare line. I can’t tell you how excited I was because I followed the late dermatologist’s career for many years and knew he was a pioneer in cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Fredric Brandt was the go-to man for those (like Madonna and Kelly Ripa to name a few) who wanted to encapsulate their youth.

The box was a gold mine of different Dr. Brandt products that I’m currently using. I chose to write about my top three products and to give you a more detailed overview of what they are and what they did for me.

1 – Dr. Brandt Skincare Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask – I think the word “mask” is a little misleading, because when I think of a mask, I think of a heavy, thick cream that must be actively removed. The texture of Dr. Brandt’s Hydro Biotic Recovery Mask is a light green, creamy lotion that I applied at night and didn’t remove. In the morning, my skin felt hydrated and refreshed.

2 – Dr. Brandt Skincare MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier (Skin Recharging Magnet Mask) – This is a product unlike anything I’ve ever tried. The mask is a thick, dark cream that easily spread onto my face with a small spatula that was provided in the packaging. Once applied, the directions said to leave on for 10-15 minutes. Once that was done, the fun part began! To remove the mask, I wrapped a tissue around the triangular magnet that was given. The magnet under the tissue lifted the mask off the skin so easily! I actually gasped and had my husband check it out, because it was so cool. I removed the mask within a couple of minutes, and my skin felt luxurious! It left my skin so incredibly hydrated, without a greasy residue. This mask is only to be used 1-2 times per week.

3 – Dr. Brandt Skincare Needles No More Wrinkle Smoothing Cream – The name tells you what its purpose is – to have the effect of Botox without the needles. I used this face cream every morning for two weeks and noticed a definitive difference in the texture of my skin. I focused on my forehead, where my wrinkles are the deepest. I’m sharing a photo of the before and after results. It’s not a permanent change, but the cream acted like a temporary filler for fine lines and gave me a smooth finish. I loved the effect!

Dr. Brandt’s Skincare is comprised of top-of-the-line products that made a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. You can find the products online, as well as stores such as Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s to name a few.


Disclaimer:  Even though I was fortunate enough to receive these products at no cost, the opinions shared in this post are entirely my own.









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