Two Weeks!

In less than two weeks, I will be embarking on a cross-country journey that has been 32 years in the making!  There are so many emotions running through me at the moment, but the one that stands out is pure excitement!

My husband and I have been slowly packing up bins, making arrangements to sell our current furniture, setting up service in our new apartment, and getting rid of old, unnecessary items. We have thrown out and donated a ton of items to Goodwill. It feels good for the soul to purge all of the extra stuff that we don’t need!  We’re not hoarders, but my goodness, one can accumulate a ton of junk in 14 years!

Yesterday, I made a final order to NYR Organics since I’m about to run out of some important products, and I’m not stopping my organic skincare regimen because of a “little” road trip. 😉  I also need to load up on gluten-free snacks for the trip and map out our route to Southern California with gluten-friendly restaurants along the way. Something tells me this will be more difficult to find in some states. Do they make gluten-free biscuits and gravy?

A lot of things need to happen before we move, but with grit and determination, we will get through it.  Until then, I will work on blogging about different things and filling you in on how my preparation is going!

Until then – ciao!


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