Gifts Teachers Really Want!

Ever wonder what to buy for your child’s teacher?

I’m going to start off by saying any gift I receive is TRULY appreciated.

Recently, I’ve been inundated with questions from friends and family about what to get their child’s teacher, so I decided to create this post.

As an educator for almost 20 years, I’ve asked many colleagues about what they enjoy as gifts. Of course, I don’t speak for all teachers, but for the sake of helping anyone out there who might be stumped with what to get, here are my suggestions (with the help of many other teachers’ input):

Gifts teachers like:

  • Gift cards such as Amazon, Visa, Best Buy, Target, Barnes and Noble
  • Gift cards to nice restaurants
  • Bottle of wine (if you know the teacher drinks)
  • Gift card to nearby salons (for women)
  • Nice lanyard
  • Elegant jewelry
  • Having their car detailed at school
  • Providing lunch for them one day
  • Nice notes and/or art from the student

Gifts that fell on the “please no” list:

  • Chocolates or candy
  • Soap, bath gels, lotions
  • Perfume or cologne
  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee mugs
  • School supplies
  • Clothes
  • Items with apples on them for teachers
  • Keychains
  • Arts and crafts

I think the overall consensus is to get know the teacher’s likes and dislikes. I have a severe gluten intolerance, so if a student gives me a bunch of gluten-filled baked goods, that really isn’t a good choice. I’ve also seen teachers receive gifts that have nothing to do with them.

It’s certainly not the amount of the gift that matters, but definitely the thought behind it that counts.


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