Gluten-Free Cross Country Adventure Part Two!

So, as we headed out of Sonora, Texas, I noticed that the car I was driving was sputtering somewhat whenever I accelerated past 40mph.  I tried to ignore it, and Eric and I plowed through to El Paso.  Side note – I must say that West Texas is gorgeous! It has rolling hills and mountains and had an entirely different landscape from East Texas, which I thought was interesting.

When we arrived in El Paso, we parked at our hotel, unpacked, and headed out to dinner. Well, when Eric went to start the car, there was nothing but the ominous click. It would not start!

Within a minute, there was a kind man offering to jump start our car. While my husband and he were dealing with that, I found a Sears Auto Service (via Yelp) within a mile from our hotel that closed in an hour! Needless to say, we were able to drive to Sears and have them replace our battery within 30 minutes!  A big shout out to Sears Auto in El Paso!  They were so professional and courteous. Talk about a huge relief! Our auto troubles were just a mere blip in our trip.

Fortunately, there was an Olive Garden nearby, and I was able to order off of their gluten-free menu for dinner. I did not have any adverse reaction from their meal, and they were accommodating to my needs. During the day, I had gluten-free snacks and protein bars.

Phoenix, Arizona was our destination the following day, and again, I ate fruit and protein bars to fill me up during the day. When we arrived in Tucson, we found an entirely gluten-free restaurant and bakery called Gourmet Girls.  Talk about customer service – wow!  They gave our dog a bowl of water, made sure we were satisfied, and sent us on our way with some yummy baked goods.  I ate a reuben sandwich with french fries, and it was divine!

Our last day took us to La Verne, California, where we’re renting a fabulous apartment and enjoying our new, downsized life. No more house to have to maintain!

Before our arrival, we ate at a Red Robin, which has a gluten-free menu and was also very accommodating. I’ve eaten there before, and for a chain restaurant, the food is good and I didn’t get a reaction.

Now that we’re living in California, I have to say being gluten-free is a lot easier and a whole lot less stressful!  The restaurant industry seems to know a lot about allergies, and they understand cross-contamination.

Becoming gluten-free in the last year has been an eye-opening experience for me. I used to eat whatever I wanted, and it has been quite the learning curve.

Thank you, Olive Garden! A gluten-free menu and a glass of wine after a treacherous day!
On the road again…
Lucky was a little trooper!
Digging this New Mexico rest stop.
This place was on point!
Delicious gluten-free baked goods from Gourmet Girls.
Trying to cool off in Arizona.
Another little trooper!
Arriving in California and my oldest daughter meeting us there.
OMG! What an undertaking!
I know exactly how your feel, Lucky. This was pre-furniture.

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