Looking for a Restful Sleep? Check Out ORB Wellness Sleep Complex!

This post was done in partnership with ORB Wellness. The opinions are completely my own.

ORB Wellness Sleep Complex is the sleep aid of the future!

One of the reasons I don’t like taking sleep aids is because of the way they make me feel in the morning. The grogginess and the mental fog are not fun side effects of typical sleep aid medications.

ORB Wellness is on to something with their Sleep Complex. Their 2-in-1 delivery system includes beadlets and liquid capsules that are absorbed easily into the bloodstream.

And what does their special time-release formula (Terra Intelligent Dosing™️) mean?

It means that you will fall asleep faster and longer with its time release of melatonin, and additionally, you will wake up feeling refreshed with its time release of vitamin B12.

Pretty awesome, right?

I’ve been taking them for a week now, and I can attest to its claims. I followed the directions by taking two capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

After 30 minutes, I could feel myself getting sleepy and would then have the most incredible night’s sleep with lots of vivid dreams. I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I feel like I was in such a deep sleep state for a lot longer, that I could remember them so easily.

The best part was that I did indeed wake up refreshed and well-rested. I didn’t have that heavy foggy feeling in my head, and I was able to tackle the day with much energy.

If you have trouble sleeping, I highly recommend this product!

Costco currently sells 120 capsules in-store for $28.99 and online at $29.99.  This is an amazing deal since regular retail price is $39.99 for 60 capsules. Check out Costco’s deal HERE.

ORB Wellness is definitely the future of vitamins. Take a look at some of their other products below, which also feature the 2-in-1 delivery system and special time-release formula.

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7 thoughts on “Looking for a Restful Sleep? Check Out ORB Wellness Sleep Complex!

  1. I’m intrigued by these but I usually have no problems falling asleep. I can sleep anywhere haha. I’m intrigued by the vivid dreams though

  2. This is an interesting product indeed. I am intrigued about them and wonder if they truly work. I guess you have to try to know!

  3. I’ve never tried sleeping pills myself, hey wait, yes I did, when I had operation. But I had never tried to take sleeping pills on a long term basis. This might be a healthier alternative for people who had problem sleeping!

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