Meet O Mag Insider – Dee Brown!

Age: 35

Occupation: TV Personality & Lifestyle Expert

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

A TV journalist

What are some different jobs you’ve had in your life?

Since high school, I’ve mostly worked in television or radio. In college, I was a sports reporter for the campus radio station. In 2008, I started my career in television after graduating from grad school as an NBC Page in New York. Work assignments included “Saturday Night Live,” NBC Sports, the Syfy Channel, “The Tonight Show” and so on.

After the program, I moved back to Texas to eventually become a lifestyle reporter. This opened the door for me to interview some amazing people like Sarah Jessica Parker, Phylicia Rashad, and Eva Longoria. It also created an opportunity to collaborate with national home and fashion retail brands for my “Styling With Dee” segment.

I took a leap of faith last fall and quit my job (on good terms) to work on my personal lifestyle brand and freelance projects. Recently, I finished a project with HGTV for a new show airing this spring called “Restoration Island.”

What do you work toward in your spare time?

Since I have a newborn – my spare time is currently filled with keeping up where I can! HaHa! I’m slowly getting back in the groove of focusing on building my lifestyle brand and targeting what projects I want to secure in 2019. I launched a YouTube channel in August called “The Life of a Modern Mom.” That’s a work in progress as well as other television projects.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Morning. My days start at 5:30AM.

What are you most proud of?


What are you known for?

My personal style (fashion and home) and being a go-getter.

What inspires you?

Surrounding myself with creative, intelligent, and positive individuals.

Tell me something about you that most people don’t know.

I’m passionate about patient education on preeclampsia. It saddens me to meet survivors with no prior education about it. These women have been failed and it must come to an end. I’m a survivor of the disease and recently joined forces with the Preeclampsia Foundation. We have some really cool projects coming up in the new year.

Why did you apply to be an O Mag Insider?

Applying to be an O Mag Insider was a major interest because it would allow me to connect and bond with women that are seeking to live a purpose-filled life with no regrets. Women cheering for one another! Love it!

Also, I’m a huge cheerleader for the O Magazine brand and its way of educating, encouraging, and empowering its readers. To be a small slice of that effort is very purposeful and satisfying.

How do you live your best life?

Being good to myself and others.

What are you reading now?

My Mrs. Brown: A Novel by William Norwich

What’s a day in your life like?

Is there enough room for this reply? My alarm wakes me at 5:30. Personal meditation is my first activity before anyone else wakes. I workout. I’m also a news junkie, so I take about 30 minutes to read about everything I missed while asleep. From there – I get the family out the door for the day.

My day is usually broken down into four parts – baby, household, self, and brand. Whatever needs to be accomplished that day in each of those categories, I make it happen. Before bed, a little cleaning, time with my husband, and a hot shower and tea.

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