Meet O Mag Insider – Eileen Fruithandler!

Age: 61

Occupation: Founder/CEO of Third Eye Yoga Shala, Broward Schools Teacher and Activist, making our world safer and reforming gun laws.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I played clarinet and thought I wanted to be a musician. I played through college but graduated with a “safe” business degree. I also wanted to be the first female POTUS, President of the United States; I dreamed of peace and equality for everyone.

What are some different jobs you’ve had in your life?

I have worked in the corporate world and education system. Katharine Gibbs steno notebook in hand, I was the youngest Executive Secretary at GE Headquarters in Fairfield, CT. The company reimbursed me for college classes back in the day, and I studied for 7 years, received my B.S., and worked for Time Magazine in NYC! Guess I truly love the magazine business.

I moved to Florida to marry my soulmate and father of 3 beautiful children, Sara, Danielle, and Austin. My first metamorphosis was as a teacher in elementary school, graduating to teaching high school. After the untimely death of my husband, I thought I would never see the light. A good friend recommended yoga and that completed my metamorphosis from business person, teacher, and mom, to a Yogi (Yoga Instructor). I even studied with Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and other Master Gurus. I believe joy, love and peace is always possible. Imagine if every school required yoga and meditation. Please message me anytime or anywhere to learn.

What do you work toward in your spare time?

I love to write Yoga Flows for each class, age, and level. I also read new age books, spiritual books, and am writing my own book.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

My 5:30 am alarm has an affirmation. “I am grateful for _________.” I write in my journal and practice Yoga as well as a minimum 5-minute meditation. I repeat a few mantras and the wisdom of Maya Angelou, “I want to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

What are you most proud of?

The independent successes, being a single mom, and the kind humanity of my 3 children.

What are you known for?

It’s yet to be determined. I teach Trauma, or PTSD yoga, and am on the Board of Exhale to Inhale, Connected Warriors, and Addiction Recovery. We all need love, inner peace, and affirmation. I would like to be known for empowering others as my inhale and loving yourself as the exhale.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a higher power. Life is not perfect (working on acceptance). I am inspired by people who encourage, empower, spread light, and peace.

Tell me something about you that most people don’t know.

Oprah Magazine featured me in their October 2017 issue for “living my best life as well as helping others.” This year, I am hosting the biggest Yoga Day at the Miami Dolphins NFL stadium, benefitting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the 2/14/18 shooting massacre. I’m dedicated to making the world safer from guns and violence. Come join us!*

Why did you apply to be an O Mag Insider?

O Magazine is a reflection of Oprah, an inspiration to millions. Because of her, I wanted to be a brand ambassador with people aligned in my truth. I have been empowered by all of the O Mag Insiders, loved receiving Oprah Magazine brand partners’ products and sharing with others in social media hoping to inspire my friends, family, and followers.

How do you live your best life?

Attending Yoga conventions, retreats, and talking to people. I love to assist high school students with college essays and mock interviews. I am grateful for what I have and feel every day keeps getting better!

What are you reading now?

The Sun Does Shine written by Anthony Ray Hinton, a beautiful person offering hope and change. Secondly, a new book, Outside the Box Cancer Therapies by Dr. Paul Anderson and Dr. Mark Stengler, a game changer utilizing the best of natural medicine.

What’s a day in your life like?

I am either teaching yoga or school. My happy place is at the beach or mountains on weekends. I usually meet with friends at night for dinner or the gym, then head home early for a cup of chamomile tea!

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  1. You’re a special lady Eileen! I need help to keep my mind focused when doing yoga and meditation. I am all over the place! I’m a grad of Broward County schools. Bet you didn’t know that?! I hope to possibly attend your fundraising event. Stacie xo

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