Meet O Mag Insider – Nancy Polanco

Age: 34

Occupation: Journalist / Writer

What did you want to be when you were a little girl? I always wanted to be a fiction author. I used to fill notebooks upon notebooks with tales from other worlds.

What are some different jobs you’ve had in your life?

I’ve worked in food service, to broadcasting and script writing, to working in the nursing and healthcare field. Now, I am doing what I love again, which is creating content and photography.

What do you work toward in your spare time?

My goal every single day is to learn something new. Whether it pertains to work or life in general isn’t important. Just as long as I am continuously learning. In my spare time, I work on my Instagram feed and work on the back end of my site, Whispered Inspirations, so that it is in tip-top shape!

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I’d like to classify myself as a little bit of both. I work my best at night until really late, and I wake up early too. Weekends are for sleeping in!

What are you most proud of?

My daughters Gabby and Michaela, they are truly amazing kids and my husband, Darasak, is a great man and my best friend.

What are you known for?

Sharing a lot of family travel tips. My faves are from Universal Studios and Disney. Also, just sharing our family life in general. You will see a lot of my girls and hubs on all of my outlets and some readers have watched the girls grow over 10+ years.

What inspires you? My girls, they inspire me to be better everyday and my parents. Without their sacrifice, I would have never had the chance to give my daughters the life they have now.

Tell me something about you that most people don’t know.

If you only know me online, you’ll be surprised when you meet me. I am only 4’11. I always say, look for a short little meatball and you’ll know it’s me.

Why did you apply to be an O Mag Insider?

Being a bookworm and dreaming of being an author one day, Oprah was truly an inspiration to me. She was a strong, beautiful, and educated woman of color, and I wanted to be just like her. On top of everything I mentioned, she is kind, generous, and an incredibly business savvy entrepreneur. I wanted to be a part of the O Mag Insider fam because I am all about living my best life, and that’s exactly what the magazine is about. It is filled with inspiration, wisdom, and the movers and shakers that truly change the world. I wanted to be a part of that, and I am so incredibly happy and humbled to get that chance.

How do you live your best life?

I live my best life by walking through life with kindness. You never know the battle others are fighting, a little kindness can go a long way. I also try to do more of what makes me happy. My motto is that life is too short to waste your time on things that don’t bring you happiness. I also say ‘no’ more often. If it’s not a ‘heck yes’, then I pass and focus my energy on something that I can truly be happy and proud of. Also, travel far, and travel often!

What are you reading now?

Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. As a once landed immigrant myself, I find their story incredibly relatable and inspiring.

What’s a day in your life like?

I wake up and I help my daughters get ready for school. Breakfast is served, hair is done, and then I do drop-offs. I go to my office for the rest of the day and work on creating content and social media work. Kids come home, then dinner is prepped and served. We spend time as a family after dinner with the kids. We either watch movies or go out and do something fun. To unwind, I spend some time doing something I enjoy like watching my favorite shows or cozying up with a good book.

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