One Week!

Packing, purging, preparing…  How’s that for alliteration? 😉  The thought of driving across the country over five days is starting to settle into my brain. Let’s just say I’ll be booking a massage once I arrive in California!

My husband will be driving the van with the trailer, and I’ll be following in our smaller car. With a 9-year-old son and 12-year-old pug in tow, let’s just say our hands will be full. How did pioneers move out west in the 19th century, with dirt roads and horse and carriage?  It boggles my mind!

We’re slowly selling our furniture and the house is getting emptier, as you can see in the photos. Somehow, I’m remaining calm and feeling that everything will work out. It’s funny because a couple of years ago, I’d probably have been a wreck!

Learning about meditation and mindfulness has truly helped me through this process. Whenever I feel like my thoughts are becoming overwhelming, I stop, close my eyes, and concentrate on my breath. Worrying about the future is not going to help me in the present.

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