Oprah’s Favorite Things Reveal? I Went!

I was invited to attend Oprah’s Favorite Things Reveal Event by O, The Oprah Magazine, but the views in this post are entirely my own.

Attending Oprah’s Favorite Things Reveal – a dream come true!

In October, I found out that my fellow O Mag Insiders selected me, Tonya Parker, and Sarah Harris for their Teamwork Award. We received recognition for creating a connected community within our group. I felt honored and humbled, but when I found out our “prize”, I could not believe it!

O, The Oprah Magazine invited us to attend Oprah’s Favorite Things Reveal in New York City! Am I dreaming? My year of living fearlessly culminated in this OMAZING gift that confirmed to me – fortune does favor the bold!

As the date approached, I knew I had to find the perfect festive outfit to celebrate. And what better place than Chico’s? Their company embraces the fact that we don’t grow older, we grow bolder!  I bought these sparkly pants (with an elastic waistband – oh yeah!) and crepe ruffled blouse. I felt pretty and comfortable at the same time.

Once packed and ready, Sarah and I flew from LA to NYC the morning of the big event. Our adrenaline got us through the fact that we met at the airport at 4AM!

After landing, we headed to the hotel, got ready, and headed to Oprah’s Favorite Things Reveal. One of the highlights of the evening was meeting 17 of our fellow O Mag Insiders in the lobby and having a fun impromptu photo session.

On a side note, being an O Mag Insider has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel as if I found a tribe of like-minded people who uplift, support, and never judge.

When the time arrived for festivities to begin, we were led upstairs where we could try some delicious Casa Dragones concoctions. Oprah’s favorite tequila is that good. I didn’t even get a headache!

We spent the first hour mingling, eating delicious hors d’oeuvres, drinking cocktails, and taking fun photos with friends. We also brought children’s books for Books for Kids, a wonderful way to remind us it’s more important to give than to receive. As a teacher, this initiative to promote literacy is so important, and it made me love the Oprah Magazine brand even more. As if that’s even possible!

While ordering another Pink Panther (see pic below) at the bar, I heard a familiar voice ask if she could get a Shirley Temple. Oh hello, Gayle King!  I thought I was seeing things! Then, Adam Glassman appeared next to her, and I knew we were getting close to the main event so we took our seats.

They were getting ready to begin, so we took our seats. Thank you, OMag, for giving all of the Insiders first row! Adam and Gayle presented items amidst jokes, which made it so much fun. After revealing several items, “elves” came out to gift us with items from the list. What a blast!

It seriously felt like a full-circle moment. I used to dream of being in the audience for one of her Favorite Things reveals and here I was, basking in the fun! I could pinch myself!

After a couple of hours of oohs, aahs, and belly laughs, the event came to an end, and I have been reliving it everyday.

What a special moment. I have so much gratitude my heart could burst!

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