Pandemic Teaching

This pandemic is taking a toll on ALL of us. Our lives were upended and many rites of passage were canceled, like my daughter’s college graduation and my son’s big 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

Teaching is stressful enough as it is, but adding a pandemic to the mix has pushed our limits. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a teacher, this past year was ROUGH.

In the last year, I’ve taught remotely, on-campus, hybrid, and now a combination of on-campus and remote.

Here are some things teachers are dealing with this year:

  • Teaching with a mask.
  • Listening to my students through a mask.
  • If I hear “asynchronous” one more time, I will scream.
  • Engaging students via Zoom. I am now a full-blown entertainer.
  • Planning lessons that resonate via Zoom and in-person.
  • Students with Wifi issues, so they drop out in the middle of class.
  • Students (and me) glitching out in digital platforms.
  • Grading hard copies and online assignments and assessments.
  • Constantly scanning documents for my online students.
  • Having absent students show up on Zoom.
  • Sending Zoom recordings to absent students.
  • Ensuring grades are uploaded to the digital gradebooks in a timely manner.
  • Communicating with parents.
  • Attending staff meeting and parent conferences via Zoom.
  • Sanitizing classrooms all day.
  • Washing hands all day.
  • Making sure our students keep their masks on and are socially distancing properly.
  • Making sure students are washing their hands.
  • Zooming in students during on-campus classes (so, teaching both simultaneously).
  • Traveling to different classrooms so students aren’t moving from class-to-class.
  • Giving students social-emotional support (while needing our own).
  • Allowing students socialization and fun (while socially distancing and wearing masks).

On top of that, we need to stay on top of our own children’s education and social-emotional well-being, while trying to keep our households running.

Oh, and trying to live my best life. Yeah, right.

Pandemic teaching is A LOT, and I know my teacher friends feel it.


This isn’t a call for sympathy. This is a call for understanding, patience, and grace.

If you have teachers in your life, please be kind.

My yoga practice has kept me centered during this pandemic.


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