Red Carpet Premiere of The Star

Sony Pictures' new animated movie The Star premiered at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles this past Sunday, and I was fortunately given the opportunity to attend. Thank you, Sarah! Instead of the typical red carpet, there was a white carpet lined with Christmas trees to make it look like a beautiful winter wonderland.… Continue reading Red Carpet Premiere of The Star


The Wisdom of Sundays

I was so excited about Oprah’s new book, The Wisdom of Sundays, I pre-ordered it months in advance. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint! It is a beautifully bound compilation of bite-sized spiritual insights from thought leaders around the globe. Oprah takes what she calls “AHA” moments from Super Soul conversations over… Continue reading The Wisdom of Sundays

Blogging About Blogging

As a blogging newbie, I've been educating myself on the "business" aspect of blogging. I keep hearing things like "find your niche" or "narrow your focus." For some reason, this has been stressing me out! As a teacher, former dancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, hypothyroid, gluten-intolerant, mom of 3, I want to write about a… Continue reading Blogging About Blogging

I Can’t Eat Gluten?

About a year ago, I started developing random outbreaks of giant, itchy hives on my legs, neck, or arms. I never knew when an outbreak would hit, and it would literally just come out of the blue. At first, I attributed it to an allergic reaction to material I wore or soap I used. The welts… Continue reading I Can’t Eat Gluten?

Gluten-Free Cross Country Adventure Part Two!

So, as we headed out of Sonora, Texas, I noticed that the car I was driving was sputtering somewhat whenever I accelerated past 40mph.  I tried to ignore it, and Eric and I plowed through to El Paso.  Side note - I must say that West Texas is gorgeous! It has rolling hills and mountains… Continue reading Gluten-Free Cross Country Adventure Part Two!

A Gluten-Free Cross Country Adventure! Part One

Our cross country adventure this summer was just that - an adventure!  Let me explain that my husband (Eric) and I drove separately in order to get both of our cars over there. Eric drove our van, with a U-Haul trailer attached, and our son and dog went with him. I, on the other hand,… Continue reading A Gluten-Free Cross Country Adventure! Part One