When My Question to Oprah Went Viral!

Oprah answered my question, and people went crazy!

On August 1st, I woke up, walked to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, and checked my phone. I found out that Oprah Magazine was looking for some fun questions to ask Oprah on Instagram stories.

I hadn’t been properly caffeinated yet, so I overlooked the word FUN.  My initial thought was to ask her who her worst interview was and why.

As a Journalism teacher, I understand how delicate the interview balance can be and thought that would be interesting to know. I’ve always admired Oprah’s ability to make the worst interviewees open up and share.

Although that answer might be intriguing, I reread the question and noticed the word FUN.

I switched gears and contemplated about what it would be like to have a girls’ night with Oprah.

Laughing and chatting over a glass of wine, what kind of things would we discuss?

I’ve always admired her long-term relationship with Stedman and wondered what she considered a great date night with him. I had a feeling it would be something low-key and chill, because let’s face it, her life is pretty high octane.

Fortunately, for me, she answered my question, and her response was pure GOLD!

Oprah, with full-on sass, spoke about her perfect date night with Stedman. And it included black-eyed peas and cornbread. And with that, “it’s on!”

Oh my!  Watch the full response here:


Within a couple of hours it being posted to IG stories, I started receiving notifications on my phone. Friends were congratulating me, my family was freaking out, and I was ecstatic!

Within 24 hours, I realized that her response went completely VIRAL! Her answer was posted on Oprah Magazine’s Instagram feed. As of today, it has almost 320,000 views and 1,500 comments! Their Twitter and Facebook pages received thousands of views and comments as well.

On top of that, every major and minor news outlet reported on it: TodayHarper’s Bazaar, PopSugar, Mashable, People,  USA Today, Daily Mail, and on and on.

Go ahead and Google “Oprah date night,” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So, that “follower” who asked her the question, the “Rachel” she refers to in her video – that’s ME!

What a thrill to know that my question and her response went media crazy. There were also some other great questions asked, which you can view in Oprah Magazine’s Instagram Highlights.

Now, if I can just meet Oprah and get those recipes! 🙂


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